Water-Based vs Oil-Based Pomades

Water-Based vs Oil-Based Pomades

The difference between water and oil-based pomades is that oil-based pomades are hydrophobic, meaning that they do not dissolve in water. Because of this, all of the product does not come out in the first shampoo. Since you may not get all of it out, build up can occur and in turn leave residue on your pillow cases, which causes acne breakouts. Our pomade is water-based which means it is water soluble. All of the product comes out in one wash and no build up or oily residue is left behind on you or on your pillow cases. Our product is much healthier because less chemicals are used, which is great for sensitive skin and will not trigger breakouts.

The application of water-based pomades, like Out of Regz, is much more effortless when compared to an oil-based pomade. When using oil-based pomades, the product is much thicker and heat is required to apply smoothly. Our water-based pomade is much easier to apply, does not require heat or prep, and is much lighter in weight.

Unlike oil-based pomades, our water-based formula keeps hair looking like you just styled it all day long. Although our pomade locks hair in, you are still able to move your hands throughout it, without getting hands sticky or oily. Since oil-based pomades usually do not dry, the style you worked so hard on does not hold for as near as long as our water-based formula does.

Ours is not your usual water-based pomade, it can make it through heat, sweat, humidity, and even hat hair. This includes hiking, going to the gym, working in the heat all day, and much more. Out of Regz is perfect for you if you are looking for a hair product that can keep your style looking fresh through anything.

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