What is pomade?

What is pomade exactly? It's a hairstyling product that lends a firm, long-lasting hold to a multitude of hairstyles. The word pomade is derived from the French word for ointment- pomade. Born in the 18th century, pomade was originally a thick, waxy, oil-based product that sat heavily on the hair. 

The OG pomade's main ingredient, you ask?

Bear lard. However, lard was later replaced with petroleum in the 20th century. This greasy product was perfect for the Dapper Dans and greaser boys of the 1930s-1960s, but as hairstyles and lifestyles changed, people were in the market for something new. And what was this new magical product that would make all their hair styling wishes come true? Drumroll please... WATER-BASED POMADE! The water base makes it extremely easy to wash out and get rid of any excess product or build-up–giving you a clean slate to start fresh. It also allowed the pomades to be made with different levels of shine, ranging from matte to high shine, and different levels of hold, ranging from light to strong AF.

Pomade vs. Gel

In the battle between pomade vs. gel, which product will kick ass and come out on top? Well, it really matters the look you're trying to go with. Do you want a hard, stiff, unmovable, wet look that will start to flake throughout the day? Or would you rather have an effortless, more natural look and feel that will retain its firm hold while still allowing the ability to restyle if you please? We know which one we're choosing! It's the pomade.

The alcohol and chemicals in hair gel strip the moisture from your scalp creating dehydrated skin and hair. This leads to hair breakage and also a flakey scalp. YUM! Are the ingredients in a pomade any better? Actually yes! Can you guess the first ingredient in a water-based pomade? If you thought about water, then congrats, you're a genius! Pomades also contain other elements such as aloe, oils, and other moisturizing agents to ensure your hair not only looks good, but won't add to your future hair loss.

Get the Hair You Want.

For the lucky ones, hair and styling come naturally. But for others, we just hope we roll out of bed ready to go, without looking like we got hit by a bus. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to applying pomade. Let's be honest; a lot of people overthink it. Just put the s*** in your hair! Ok, we'll elaborate on that. 

How much pomade do you need?

A pea size or dime size amount. Start emulsifying [a fancy word for rubbing it around] the pomade in your hands. Your body heat will make the pomade more malleable, making it easier to put into your hair. It is important to note that applying the product to dry hair will make the pomade most effective, giving you the strongest hold and shine level it can. Applying a water-based product to wet hair dilutes it even further, causing the product to lose strength and can change the level of shine. Now here's the part people usually do wrong. Do not; we repeat, DO NOT just start smashing your hair down to your head with the pomade. Start by applying it at the roots and work it up. Once your hair looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket, and each strand is evenly coated with the product from the root up, you can pick up your comb.


Pompadour? Comb your hair up and back. Quiff/combover? Comb those luscious locks to the side. Liberty spikes? You're on your own punk. If you want to create even more volume, then the product can be blow-dried in. Put the product into dry or slightly damp hair, and then proceed to blow-dry your hair upwards from the scalp until you've achieved your desired lift. Then all you have to do is comb your hair into the style you're aiming for, and then BOOM! You're one handsome man. Our last tidbit of knowledge for you, work with your cowlick! Find out what way your swirl goes, and comb your hair in that direction. You're never going to win that war you're at with your cowlick. Just accept it. Smashing down your hair back there is only so effective before you're back looking like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals.


Scoop a small amount on to your finger.

Rub evenly between your palms

Work your hands through your hair.

Style with a comb or your fingers

Choosing the Right Fit.

Everyone's hair is unique. Long hair vs. short hair. Straight vs. curly. Thick vs. thin. Stubborn cowlicks, flyaways, and frizz. Finding the right pomade that fits your hair and styling needs makes a difference. Each one of our pomades brings something different to the table, allowing you to find the ideal hold, level of shine, and flexibility. From medium to strong hold, matte finish to a high shine, we have a pomade for every occasion that'll help get you the style you want.