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Out of Regz has partnered with the Green Beret Foundation to bring you a brand-new pomade. What’s so special about it? The GBF Pomade offers the same impressive hold as our signature Operator Pomade with a powdery old-school barbershop scent made from an earthy combination of bay rum, sandalwood, and patchouli. You’d think the dapper look and sophisticated scent were enough, but this pomade does much more than that.

100% of profits from GBF Pomade go to GBF.

The Green Beret Foundation provides supplemental support to wounded, transitioning, and fallen Special Forces and their families. We can’t think of a better way to commence the Out of Regz mission than with this impactful organization. To top it off, we’re adding GBF Pomade to the packs that are given to wounded soldiers to help them through hospitalization.

We invite you to help us celebrate this momentous occasion by trying GBF Pomade for yourself. Get the great hair you expect from Out of Regz and help honor those who have earned it.

Water-Based Pomade | Strong Hold | Matte Finish

Operator gives you a strong hold with a matte finish that looks more natural than high-shine pomades. Our best-selling pomade, Operator boasts a high resistance to humidity and sweat, as well as hat and helmet hair. It’s water-based, so it’s flexible and easy to work through your hair, but it’s infused with castor oil and grapeseed oil, so it’s resilient and highly nourishing as well. Bamboo extract encourages your hair to grow faster and thicker. Get the natural look you’re going for with the hold you need to last throughout the day. 


Resistance Levels:

  • Sweat: High
  • Hat / Helmet Hair: High
  • Wind Resistance: Low

 (see FAQ Page for more info)

Scent Profile: 

A powdery old-school barbershop scent made from an earthy combination of bay rum, sandalwood, and patchouli.


How to Apply:

You can apply Operator Pomade to dry or damp hair. The wetter your hair, the more shine you'll have. To apply, just scoop out a small amount, rub between your hands, and distribute evenly through your hair. Style as desired.

For a cleaner look, apply to damp hair. 

For a more natural and/or messy look, apply to dry hair. 

For more hold, use more.

Can wash out with just water. 


Water, Beeswax, Ceteareth-25, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin, Grapeseed Oil, Tribehenin, Bamboo Extract, Artichoke Extract, PVP, Phenoxyethanol SA, Fragrance

Shipping Times

Due to current weather conditions in our area and around the country, shipping times will vary and could take an extra few days to get to it's destination. We are working hard trying to ship what we can but are unable to ship daily. Please feel free to email or chat with us for more information.

Due to Covid, shipping times may be delayed due to extra precautions being taken. USPS and UPS are not guaranteeing any posted shipping time frames on delivery dates.

Typically your order will go out the same day if your order is placed before 4pm central, Monday - Friday. Because our product is made in small batches, there could be a production delay of 1-2 days.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

Resistance Levels

These resistance levels are in comparison to other pomades that we have tested and only help endure the below conditions. 

Rain / Humidity / Sweat: We designed our pomades to withstand various conditions such as humidity and sweat. Because these are water-based pomades, they are still water soluble allowing them to be washed out with just water. 

Hat Hair: Some of our pomades are resistant to hat hair and in some cases, even helmet hair.

Wind: Most pomades are wind resistant and typically depend on the amount used and how thoroughly the pomade is applied.

See Pomades for details.


Do we ship to APO Addresses?

Yes, we ship to all APO and FPO addresses!

Can Out of Regz Pomades wash out with just water?

Yes, all of our pomades are water based making them water soluble. 

How to get a stronger or lighter hold:

The dryer your hair the stronger the hold and the wetter your hair the lighter of a hold

How to get less or more shine:

The dryer your hair the less shine and the wetter your hair the more shine you'll get.

What does the pomade feel/look like?

Each pomade has a slightly different texture, but our current pomades are between a really thick pomade and a thick cream and white in color. As you continue to use your pomade, you might notice that the pomade becomes glossy / shiny, which is normal.