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Shave Pack

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In this elite duo, you'll find the Out of Regz Shave Cream, your trusted battle buddy for those rapid-fire mornings. Time is of the essence, and this cream ensures a velvety shave with the precision of a seasoned soldier. Infused with Avocado and Coconut Oils, Cocoa, and Shea Butters, it hydrates your skin while offering a glide that's second to none. This lightweight champion rinses off with ease, leaving your skin as soft as a cloud.

Complementing this formidable cream is the Out of Regz Aftershave, the Special Forces of skin-soothing. It's the daily duty comrade you've been searching for, swiftly cooling down your post-shave hotspots with its speed-absorbing formula. Bid farewell to that post-shave burn as it moisturizes your skin.

With the Out of Regz Shave Pack, your grooming regimen gets an upgrade worthy of a hero. Your skin deserves nothing less than the elite care provided by these exceptional products. March into your day itch-free, refreshed, and ready for action – because when it comes to grooming, we've got your six.

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