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Beard & Mustache

Tame your beard and mustache with our beard & mustache cream and oils. This cream is made with bamboo extract that helps your hair grow faster and thicker. Over time the bamboo extract softens your facial hair as well, leaving you with a thick and touchably-soft beard.

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a different kind of pomade

No two lifestyles are the same - and that's why we uniquely formulated a Water-Based Pomade that is made to withstand your lifestyle.


Don't take our word for it


12 hour shifts in a busy ER is NOTHING to this pomade. My hair looks exactly the same at 7 am and 7 pm. Strong hold but malleable to the touch so I can run my fingers through my hair without ruining the styling. Best pomade I’ve ever used.

Rachel M.

This pomade works as advertised! The Operator pomade beats the competition. Holds extremely well and doesn't cake up when wearing head gear. Outstanding customer service. Will definitely buy again.


Holds hair through the heat, humidity, sweat, whatever WITHOUT leaving my hair greasy, sticky, or hard as a rock. I've probably tried every brand out there minus the hyper-expensive crap and I am SO GLAD I tried this stuff. It's light, it comes out in one wash, it smells amazing, it holds very well, even through intense workouts.


I’ve been using this hair product for the better part of 2 years now and it has gone through hell and back with me. From hot desert climates, to helicopter/aircraft operations, along with intensive combat operations, this pomade has held up through the worst of it all. I wouldn’t recommend anything else for styling hair!

Jon T.

This is the BEST hair product I have ever used! It really does stand up to hats and helmets like it says. Holds up for the entire day without fail. I never thought I’d find a pomade that holds up to long days on patrol, regardless of what I’m doing. Gonna stock up on it simply because it’s perfect!

Phil S.

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Find your favorite pomade

The new Sample Pack lets you try our top 4 pomades: Operator, RW&B, Patriot, & M1. Don't love them? Get your money back.


What is Pomade?

You may be asking yourself, what is pomade exactly? It's a hairstyling product that lends a firm, long-lasting hold to a multitude of hairstyles. The word pomade is derived from the French word for ointment- pomade. Born in the 18th century, pomade was originally a thick, waxy, oil-based product that sat heavily on the hair. 

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Why We Didn't Go Organic

All-natural and organic—we hear those terms a lot. That was our goal. We wanted to create a hair product we could wear all day that wouldn't damage the hair. We found going the organic route could hinder performance and reliability. We only want the best for our supporters, and we weren't about to settle. So, after extensive research and testing, we created a new kind of pomade.

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Veteran-owned and operated, with a passion for giving back to the men and women who serve our country, we continue to create our pomades in small batches right here in the USA, and we maintain the highest standards of quality for every ounce of pomade we produce. 

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