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Staying in Regulations
When we think about the military, we don't think of hair. Or do we? The military has inspired many notable hairstyles that have been around for decades. The Flat Top, High and Tight, or the Induction/Buzz Cut. Keeping it clean, classic, and traditional. But more importantly, staying within regulations. Grooming standards have evolved over the years to keep up with the time, giving members more leeway. Not that much, but some. If you’re out there pushing the limits and need a refresher on regulations, we have you covered. Here are some quick highlights from each branch.
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Hat & Helmet Hair
Everything you need to know about Hat Hair What is Hat Hair? Hat Hair isn’t sexy. We all know that. The real question is not about your looks, but it’s your scalp and hair health. If you google the definition...
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How to Grow A Luscious Man Mane

Tips for Growing Your Hair Longer, Thicker, and Faster

We know why you’re here and you’re not alone. We’ve all looked upon the glory of a thick pompadour with hot, green envy. Hair just seems to grow better for some people. It’s true that genetics play a role in how your hair grows, but it’s also true that you can give yourself a noticeable boost by taking better care of yourself and your hair.

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The Complete Guide to Men’s Haircare

Taking good care of your hair is a serious and complicated business. It starts with your overall health and encompasses everything from your styling tools to your barber schedule. It can be a lot to take in but don’t get discouraged. We’ve organized the information so you can revitalize your lovely locks in five easy steps. If you can learn to address each of these five pillars of haircare in your daily life, your hair will be the epitome of health and beauty.

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