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The Importance of a Healthy Scalp and Clean Hair

The Importance of a Healthy Scalp and Clean Hair


We'd all like to think we know what's best for our hair. Some like to wash it every day, once a week, or every couple of weeks. We all differ, and so do our opinions on the matter. But one thing we can agree on is: washing the hair needs to happen. 

No one wants a smelly, dirty grease pit on the top of their head. Cleansing your hair of sweat and grime is essential to its health, vitality, and growth. It's also important to rid the scalp of dead skin cells and the buildup of old products, which will prevent dandruff and flaking.  


Hats and helmets don't help the situation. Some of us are required to wear them. For others, it's just for pure enjoyment. We get it! There's nothing like a good hat. But what we don't consider is how it's affecting the health of our hair and scalp. Why care? Underneath can turn into a breeding ground for microscopic bacterial and fungal growth. The buildup of bacteria and fungus from sweat and dirt can cause skin infections and thinning hair. 

You like those luscious locks, right? Eventually, new hair won't even be allowed to grow. Along with regular washing, get into the habit of cleaning and disinfecting your gear. It may add a couple of extra minutes to the routine, but it's definitely worth it.


Reading product labels in the middle of the grocery store probably doesn't sound appealing to most people. But resorting to harsh and harmful chemicals in your products is not the solution. The natural oils from your hair and scalp will be stripped away, leaving your locks dry and brittle. This leads to more damage, breakage, and dandruff. 

Next time, check out the ingredients in your products and use the ones that are nourishing. Products exist that will give you a deep, moisturizing clean without weakening the hair. If you give your hair the dedicated care it deserves, it'll grow into a voluminous man mane people will envy. 


It's impossible to keep sweat and dirt out of your hair fully. It's going to happen. The clean hair will get dirty. And if you can fully prevent it, more power to you and let us in on the secret! That's why washing and cleansing is so important, not just for good hygiene but for the health of your hair. Our pomades are made to nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. But even then, beneficial products need to be washed out eventually. A clean slate is essential for hair and scalp health.


You have your hair goals in mind- and we want to help make them happen. But it all starts with a clean head of hair and a healthy scalp. To help get your man mane where you want it to be, we're offering a Hair & Body Wash or Shampoo & Conditioner 50% OFF when you purchase a pomade (at full price). With the right product selection, anything is achievable. Well, most things! 

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