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About Out of Regz

Pomades for Men Who Push the Limits



Chris Richardson and Joe Van are just a couple of cousins who grew up as best friends. Chris served in the Navy while Joe made a few failed attempts to become a successful entrepreneur after high school. Joe had his first child and joined the Army right around the time Chris left the Navy. After a deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 and EOD school upon his return home, Joe reunited with Chris and the two resumed entertaining their childhood plans to go into business together.


Getting Started

Though Joe did his job well, he had always pushed the limits when it came to military hair regulations. “Don’t mess with the hair” was a joke between Joe and Chris and their families and friends that quickly evolved into an idea for an organic line of pomades and hair care for men in the military, law enforcement, and other branches of service.

The first attempt at a pomade looked and felt like a wax candle. They continued to experiment, but every organic formulation had unacceptable flaws; either they didn’t hold well, didn’t look and feel good; or they were much too difficult to wash out at the end of the day. 

Chris and Joe decided to abandon the organic line in exchange for a pomade that really worked for men with active lifestyles. They expanded their ingredients and spent months of late nights chugging energy drinks and testing hundreds of formulas until they achieved the consistency and performance they were looking for.


Out of Regz

From that original formulation evolved the entire line of pomades available from Out of Regz, each offering a unique combination of features. Released in April of 2019, the line had already gained significant traction and earned five stars reviews on every product. 

Chris’ and Joe’s vision for the future is that Out of Regz will continue to grow until its big enough to give back to the organizations that help soldiers transition from military to civilian, which is an obstacle for many of our country’s servicemen. 

Only premium grade ingredients and formulations are used here at Out of Regz, and Joe and Chris are constantly looking for ways to improve. Take a look at the various performance levels of each Out of Regz pomades and find the one that’s right for you or try a sample set and be prepared for any scenario.


Have You Met Our Master Barbers?


Creating a successful line of men’s hair care products is impossible without input from the pros. Caitlin and Emily are two skilled master barbers who use Out of Regz pomades regularly in their work. By partnering with their shop, 1776 Men’s Grooming Salon, we’re able to utilize their feedback while they utilize our product, and the customer gets the best cut and the best pomade for his money. Everybody wins. Continue Reading...