Pomades for People Who Push the Limits

“Don’t mess with the hair.”

What started as a running joke became a dream and a passion for two veterans who recognized a need among other military personnel and first responders. For people who move, sweat, and frequently wear headgear, keeping your hair in place is challenging. We set out to create a pomade that would not only keep your hair in place but do so with a pleasant smell, a soft feel, and a washable consistency. Our first attempt looked and felt like a candle, but we succeeded, and Out of Regz was born.

No, we’re not organic.

We went into this business to make the best pomade possible for people with the most active lifestyles. The goal was a high-performance product that wouldn’t make your hair fall out, so of course we tried to make it organic. We sat up for months of late nights fueled by bad energy drinks and tested hundreds of formulas. We investigated popular organic brands and researched substitutions for synthetics. Eventually, we decided the results weren’t up to the standards of our mission. They either didn’t hold, didn’t look and feel good, or left behind follicle-clogging residue. 

So, we focused our research on finding the best synthetics for your hair and scalp and combined them with our favorite organic ingredients, and we’re glad we did. As it turns out, synthetics won’t kill you, but they will give you killer hair. After endlessly testing and retesting combination formulations, we achieved the smooth and comfortable consistency, superior performance, and growth-boosting nourishment we were aiming for. 

Why we didn't go organic.


Out of Regz today

We remain a veteran-owned and operated business with a passion for giving back to the men and women who serve our country, we continue to create our pomades in small batches right here in the USA, and we maintain the highest standards of quality for every ounce of pomade we produce. 


In Remembrance of Our Most Elite

Green Berets are the Army’s Special Forces, highly-trained and utilized for some of the most difficult and dangerous tasks faced by our military men and women. The Green Berets face the highest casualty rate of any special operations unit. The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) was created and continues to function as a support for the soldiers who risk their lives to be what our country needs them to be.

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A Different Kind of Pomade

There are a lot of great hair care products out there for your typical civilian, but Out of Regz caters to a different crowd. Our guys and gals Push the Limits in their work and their lives, and they need a pomade that’s up to the task.

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