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The EOD Warrior Foundation

The EOD Warrior Foundation

What is EOD?

EOD or Explosive Ordnance Disposal, meaning the disarming and disposal of bombs. EOD is an elite and highly specialized military field where Technicians are trained to disarm, render safe, and dispose of explosive hazards and weapons of mass destruction. Their objective includes securing all types of ordnance, including improvised, chemical, biological and nuclear. The majority of fatalities and severe injuries to our troops are caused by bombs known as improvised explosive devices or IEDs. Daily, EOD Technicians walk into harm's way, put their lives on the line, and are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the protection and safety of others.

EOD Service & Sacrifice. 

EOD Technician is one of the most dangerous jobs in the military. On average, only 6,000+ men and women serve as EOD technicians in the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force. As of 2021, the United States Armed Forces consisted of over 1 million service members. An extremely select and complex unit comprised of brave soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who are called upon to execute without fear or hesitation. The injuries endured by EOD Technicians are some of the most severe and often life-changing. Loss of limbs, burns, paralysis, blindness, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are common injuries sustained. The wounded may require months or even years of recovery and rehabilitation, having significant and lasting emotional and financial impacts. Some EOD Technicians never make it home, leaving surviving family members to grieve the loss of their loved one and navigate life without them. 

The Foundation's Mission.

Warriors witness loss, devastation, and destruction, while other EOD heroes make the ultimate sacrifice. Devoted to ensuring no EOD warrior or family is left behind, the EOD Warrior Foundation acts as a beacon of hope in their hour of need. The Foundation is comprised of a network of EOD family and friends who are committed to providing relief and essential support as they forge a new life. Their vision-- "every challenge disarmed for the EOD Community." 

Standing Ready to Assist. 

The EOD Warrior Foundation supplies aid to wounded EOD warriors and the families of wounded and fallen EOD personnel. Active-Duty, Reserve and National Guard, Retired, and Veteran EOD technicians and their families can seek financial assistance and relief, education, and emotional support. Additional services include morale events, peer-to-peer support, educational programs, connections to resources, and care of the EOD Memorial. During their most difficult times, they sustain contact with EOD warriors and their families to assist them as they move through the recovery and grief process and adjust to a new life. 

Making an Impact.

The EOD Warrior Foundation believes that the EOD Family is for life and will ensure warriors and families of the wounded and the fallen are compassionately supported and never forgotten. In 2022 alone, The Foundation supplied $216,146.50 in financial grants to EOD families, donated 5,026 individual hours to the EOD Community through volunteerism, awarded $352,000 in scholarships to 124 EOD dependents, and honored and remembered 343 EOD warriors and heroes. EOD warriors and their families are not alone, and The Foundation stands ready to assist and help ease the burdens they carry.  

Help Support EOD Warriors & Families in need.  

Two Out of Regz leaders are retired Army EOD Technicians and understand the weight and significance of the job. The EOD Warrior Foundation works tirelessly to provide critical assistance and support, but they cannot do it without the help of others. You can make a difference and contribute to The Foundation and its cause in many ways. Volunteer opportunities are available, from hosting an event to participating in ongoing programs or EOD Memorial care and maintenance. Shop EOD Warrior Foundation gear or with one of their partners, where a portion of the proceeds goes to The Foundation, which now includes Out of Regz. Monetary donations are also accepted online. You can learn more at No act of kindness is too small, and your contribution will make a real and powerful impact in the lives of EOD warriors and their families.

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