a different
kind of pomade

for a different kind of lifestyle

Created for those who push the limits.

They’re the servicemen and women pushing the limits of hair length regulations or firefighters who really put their pomade to the test. They’re military, first responders, strength trainers, athletes, and stuntmen; and they need a product they can trust to make it to the end of an intense day.

infused with bamboo

Having great hair starts with having a healthy scalp. Bamboo extract is essential. It has unique natural cleansing properties that remove excess buildup near the scalp, adding an extra layer of nourishment and protection.

reliable hold

Keep your hair in place, even after the hat and helmet come off. We've made our pomades to withstand the headgear with a stronger, more reliable hold. Take off the gear with confidence.

clean look and feel

You won't get a greasy, sticky feel with our pomades. Since it is a water-based formula, it's easier to apply, work through and wash out of your hair. You still get the heavy hold but with a lighter, softer feel.


Superior Performance.

Out of Regz keeps your hair where you want it so you can focus on more important things. Each pomade offers a unique level of hold and flexibility, so you can get exactly what you need.

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unique design
we're not natural

All-natural and organic—we hear those terms a lot. That was our goal. We wanted to create a hair product we could wear all day that wouldn't damage the hair. We found going the organic route could hinder performance and reliability. We only want the best for our supporters, and we weren't about to settle. So, after extensive research and testing, we created a new kind of pomade.

handmade in america

Out of Regz is a veteran-owned business that uses only high-quality ingredients to create small-batch pomades that fit the active man’s lifestyle.


Awesome product! Doesn't give that wet greasy look, has a great hold and natural look! Keep up the good work!

KC. McReynolds

Absolutely great pomade. Held up in the middle of nowhere with humidity so thick and wet I started getting turned on. If you have hair that is "out of regz", slick it back with this.

Alec S.

I love this pomade! It’s water based, which makes it easy to wash out when the time comes. Even if I happen to go to sleep without washing it out, I wake up and, for the most part, my hair is still in the same place.

James H.

Really impressed by the amount of product you get for the price. Smells clean and fresh and has all day hold even with repeated helmet wear! Will definitely keep monthly subscription!

Nathan D.

I legit wore my kevlar (helmet) at the range all day while having the Operator Pomade in my hair. At the end of the day, my combover was still perfect, and of course, out of regs.

Quan D.