Created for those who need more than your standard pomade.

They’re the servicemen and women pushing the limits of hair length regulations or firefighters who really put their pomade to the test. They’re military, first responders, strength trainers, athletes, and stuntmen; and they need a product they can trust to make it to the end of an intense day.

Infused with Bamboo Extract

Every time you use your Out of Regz, you’re nourishing your hair with bamboo extract to encourage growth, repair damage, and reduce loss.

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Why We Didn't Go Organic

It is no surprise that there's been a recent trend toward all-natural ingredients in cosmetics, foods, and other consumer goods. As we continued to educate ourselves, we learned that synthetic materials are not always harmful and can, in fact, improve product performance.

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Water-Based vs Oil-Based Pomades

The application of water-based pomades, like Out of Regz, is much more effortless when compared to an oil-based pomade. When using oil-based pomades, the product is much thicker and heat is required to apply smoothly. Our water-based pomade is much easier to apply, does not require heat or prep, and is much lighter in weight.

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Superior Performance.

Out of Regz keeps your hair where you want it so you can focus on more important things. Each pomade offers a unique level of hold and flexibility, so you can get exactly what you need.


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Lasts all day, through gym work outs, and wearing a PC all day. Won't sweat out!

Marks F.

I seriously love this stuff!!! I ditched the other product I was using overnight. This stuff is amazing!!

Jared C.