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We're Not Natural

We're Not Natural

A natural ingredient revolution has taken the hair product and consumer goods industry by storm. Organic, all-natural products are celebrated for their purity and wholesomeness. However, at Out of Regz, our journey into creating the perfect pomade for military personnel, first responders, and individuals who frequently wear headgear or just live an active lifestyle led us to discover that when it comes to hair care, synthetic materials can be indispensable.


The Shortcoming of All-Natural Pomades

Our initial goal was to craft a high-quality pomade that not only looked good but also nurtured our hair. The organic route seemed promising, with countless online recipes using easily accessible ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, and shea butter.


All-natural pomades are surprisingly really easy to make. There are plenty of websites out there that you can easily find using a simple google search; here are a few examples if you're interested in pursuing making some pomades of your own:


However, the reality was a bit different. Most all-natural pomades, including those derived from petroleum-based and oil-based recipes, had their shortcomings. These pomades could be challenging to wash out, often clogging pores, causing hair follicles to go dormant, and even leading to hair loss. The cosmetic aspect wasn't any better, as these products could make hair brittle, resulting in breakage. So, the touted benefits of natural ingredients were overshadowed by practical issues like effectiveness and hair damage.


Why Synthetics Are Necessary


We were unwilling to compromise, so we embarked on a quest to understand the science of hair care and pomade ingredients. Our core question was, "What is essential in pomade to keep hair perfectly styled and healthy at the same time?" The answer was both surprising and simple: water-based.


Water is crucial to create a pomade that is easy to apply and wash out. However, oil and water don't mix naturally. To achieve the perfect blend and stability over time, synthetic ingredients are necessary… unless you use Sodium Borate… aka Borax… which is all-natural… see where we’re going with this?


Our commitment to hair health led us to explore the world of synthetics. We knew that while synthetic ingredients were critical, we had to stay away from harmful compounds. Our research and experimentation revolved around finding safe and effective substitutes for these synthetic components.


The Out of Regz Solution: Synthetics and Naturals in Perfect Harmony


The outcome of our research and dedication to hair health is a groundbreaking formulation. Our pomade is a fusion of soft synthetics and the finest natural ingredients available, and it offers a multitude of benefits:


- Dryness Relief

It alleviates dryness, keeping your hair and scalp hydrated.

- Promotes Growth

Our pomades are infused with Bamboo extract, which encourages hair growth and prolongs the growth phase, resulting in more length and fuller hair.

- Smell Good

There are not a lot of all-natural fragrances out there to choose from, and since we don’t have our hands tied with trying to have an “all-natural” label, our options are endless.

- All-Day Style & Nourishment

Regardless of your lifestyle, our pomades maintain your favorite style throughout the day while working for you while you wear it.


At Out of Regz, we've found the perfect balance between synthetic and natural ingredients. We've created a pomade that not only helps you look great but also ensures the health and vitality of your hair and scalp. Our innovative approach offers you the best of both worlds, so you can style with confidence, knowing that your hair is in great hands.


Check out our range of water-based pomades, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of those who protect and serve.

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