Why We Didn't Go Organic

Why We Didn't Go Organic

It is no surprise that there's been a recent trend toward all-natural ingredients in cosmetics, foods, and other consumer goods. As we continued to educate ourselves, we learned that synthetic materials are not always harmful and can, in fact, improve product performance.


The Shortcoming of All-Natural

When we decided to create our own pomade, the goal was to create a high-quality pomade that was good for our hair.


Naturally, we tried the organic route first, which is surprisingly really easy to make. There are plenty of websites out there that you can easily find using a simple google search; here are a few:



You can see they have many of the same ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, or shea butter. Most of these natural ingredient based pomades are petroleum-based and contain oils. Oil-based pomades are very difficult to wash out of your hair, and they clog pores. This can lead to hair follicles going dormant and eventually dying. That is a substantial problem! Another significant problem with all-natural pomade was cosmetic. They caused the hair to become brittle, leading to breakage. All the hyped-up benefits of natural ingredients go out the window when the product isn't workable, damages your hair, and dries out your skin.


Why Synthetics Are Necessary

That wasn't going to work for us, and we didn't want to settle. So, we decided to learn everything there was to know about the science behind the ingredients and hair. We needed to find the answer to "what is essential in pomade to keep hair perfectly styled and healthy at the same time?." We needed to learn why synthetics are necessary in the first place?


The answer: Water.


We needed to use water to create a pomade that was easy to apply and washout, but water and oil don't mix. To get the two to mix and remain stable for an extended period, you need synthetics. 


With synthetics being researched and tested, we knew we wanted to stay away from harmful ingredients at all costs because...well, we love our hair too much.


The next step was to eliminate any known ingredients that can cause health, skin, or hair issues. Then we experimented to find out where we could successfully substitute wholesome, natural ingredients for the synthetics.


The Solution 

Long story short, we ended up with a brand-new formulation that offers superior performance while actually improving your hair and scalp's health and appearance. By using only soft synthetics combined with the most beneficial natural ingredients available, we were able to create a pomade that: alleviates dryness, encourages growth, prolongs the growth phase to achieve more length, nourishes and increases the size of follicles to make each hair thicker, smells incredible, and maintains your favorite style all day long - regardless of your lifestyle.


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