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EOD WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT: Staff Sergeant Kevin and Toni Brown.

Discover the remarkable story of resilience and courage as we shine a spotlight on Staff Sergeant Kevin and Toni Brown in our EOD Warrior feature.

The EOD Warrior Foundation

What is EOD? EOD or Explosive Ordnance Disposal, meaning the disarming and disposal of bombs. EOD is an elite and hig...

Memorial Day: A Day of Reflection and Remembrance

Duty. Honor. Sacrifice.  The Meaning of Memorial Day For some, Memorial Day is a three-day weekend filled with barb...

Tanto Gets It.

Kris Paronto or 'Tanto' is a well-known name as it should be. And if you don't know him, get to know him. He's a bada...

We're Not Natural

A natural ingredient revolution has taken the hair product and consumer goods industry by storm. Organic, all-natural products are celebrated for their purity and wholesomeness. However, at Out of Regz, our journey into creating the perfect pomade for military personnel, first responders, and individuals who frequently wear headgear or just live an active lifestyle led us to discover that when it comes to hair care, synthetic materials can be indispensable.

In Remembrance of Our Most Elite

The Green Beret Foundation Green Berets are the Army’s Special Forces, highly-trained and utilized for some of the m...

The Green Beret Foundation

The Green Beret Foundation, commonly referred to as the GBF, focuses on supporting wounded Special Forces Soldiers, their dependents, and fallen Elite Soldiers' families. The GBF has provided emergent, immediate, and ongoing support to over 12,700 Special Forces Soldiers and their families with direct financial aid and other resources since 2009. They have invested more than $15 million and continue to invest 87% of all donations into its programs and services. The GBF is also currently striving to broaden its impact by addressing the needs of Green Berets as they make the difficult transition back into civilian life.


The Name, The Slogan, The Hair If you’re a military man or woman, you can probably guess where the name comes from. O...

The Savior of D-Day

June 6, 1944, should be a date that all Americans know, the most massive sea invasion in history.  Of course, every military operation must have a code-name, or in the case of something this important, nine different code-names.  Operation Overlord was the main code-name given to the Battle of Normandy, and this year marks the 75th anniversary to that fateful day that helped end WWII.

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