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In Remembrance of Our Most Elite

In Remembrance of Our Most Elite

The Green Beret Foundation

Green Berets are the Army’s Special Forces, highly-trained and utilized for some of the most difficult and dangerous tasks faced by our military men and women. The Green Berets face the highest casualty rate of any special operations unit. The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) was created and continues to function as a support for the soldiers who risk their lives to be what our country needs them to be.

The Mission

The Green Beret Foundation provides supplemental support to injured and transitioning Special Forces soldiers, as well as the families of fallen soldiers. Through donations, partnerships, and events, the GBF is able to bridge the gaps with financial assistance, gear, resources, and career support. It is the Green Beret Foundation’s mission to honor these elite servicemen by delivering the tools they need to build and maintain the lives they deserve.

Brief History

Founded in 2009 by a Special Forces Warrior who was injured in battle, the Green Beret Foundation has grown over the last decade into a well-known and impactful organization, having touched the lives of over 12,700 Green Berets with direct financial assistance. From every invested dollar, 87 cents go straight to Special Forces and their families, along with donated care packages, a wealth of valuable resources, and the support of a dedicated community. In just ten years, $15 million has been invested in the rehabilitation and support of the Green Berets.

Families of the Fallen

Service and sacrifice don’t end with the enlisted individual. For every soldier, there is a family back home who fully understands the possibility that their loved one might not be returning. Mothers and fathers missing their sons, wives missing their husbands, and children missing their dads, all carry this burden of fear as they continue to hold down the home front with the increased responsibility of missing a primary household member.

Finding Support

Gold Stars are the immediate family members left behind when a Special Forces soldier is killed in combat. They are esteemed members of the Green Beret community. As such, the GBF strives to not only ease their burdens, but also honor their unique sacrifice. After the death of a Green Beret, Gold Stars and other surviving family members can request immediate financial assistance for this difficult time by filling out a quick form to identify the Green Beret, the relation, and the assistance that’s needed.

You’ve done your duty. To honor you is ours.

The Green Beret Foundation’s Gold Star mission is to provide the tools, assistance, and support families need to navigate a very difficult time. One of the most important aspects of this transition is to establish a path forward that allows the Gold Star or other family member to remain in control of his or her future. Beyond the immediate response to the loss of a Special Forces soldier, the GBF maintains a relationship with the family so that they’re able to work with the Special Forces Group to provide complete support.

How You Can Help

Online and Snail Mail Donations

The fastest and easiest way to show your support for Gold Stars and families of the fallen, as well as wounded, ill, and transitioning soldiers, is to make a one-time or recurring donation online. There’s also an option for corporate matching, so your company can participate in your charitable giving and give your donation a 100% boost. If you prefer, you’re also welcome to make your donation by mail.

Legacy and Investment Donation

If you’d like to make more of an impact than what you’re currently able to make, you can contact the Green Beret Foundation to discuss legacy or investment giving. These options allow you to inflate your donation beyond your immediate ability.

Event Hosting and Shopping

You can help support the Green Berets and their families without a monetary donation by hosting an event or shopping with the GBF’s retail partners. You can find options for fundraising, event promotion, and social tools on the Green Beret Foundation website. Retail partners who donate a portion of your purchases to the Green Beret Foundation include AmazonSmile, eBay Giving Works, Combined Federal Campaign, PayPal Giving Fund, Donation Line Vehicle Donation Center, and Network for Good.

Their Remembrance Be as Lasting as The Land They Honored

- Daniel Webster

It costs nothing to take a moment to remember. Honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this beautiful country by taking some time to see them and read their stories. Listed below, you’ll find a selection of the many fallen soldiers from the Green Beret Foundation’s Memorial Wall. These are some of the young men who gave their lives in the line of duty and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help the Green Beret Foundation remember them and support their families.


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