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The Name, The Slogan, The Hair

If you’re a military man or woman, you can probably guess where the name comes from. Out of Regz is what you might call someone who’s hair or ensemble isn’t within regulations for his or her uniform. One of those regulations tells you how long a man’s hair can be. As much as we all love rules and regulations, there are times when we’re tempted to see how far we can push it. After all, Rule Number 1 should never be ignored. But “Push the Limits” doesn’t just refer to hair-length regulations.

A lot of our customers aren’t military at all, but they know exactly what it means to push the limits because they do it every day. They’re firefighters, athletes, bodybuilders, police, stuntmen, and racecar drivers. They’ve got good hair and tough jobs, and they need a product that won’t let them down after a full day of hard work. That’s where we come in.

Men who work as hard as you do deserve to look good doing it, but heat, sweat, and headwear can wreak havoc on that sweet ‘do you styled up this morning, especially if it’s all gunky with some average joe hair care product that gave up as soon as you got started. We feel your pain, friend, and we’ve come bearing good news for your lovely locks.

Out of Regz has designed a line of pomades suited for your unique lifestyle. Our products are resistant to sweat and humidity and they hold up against hats and helmets, even throughout a long and intense day of work. You look damn good in your helmet. Now you can look good when you take it off, too. Work out, hit the slopes, take down some bad guys, or put out a fire – hell, put out two fires – then head home or head out looking like a million bucks. 

Your friends are going to want to know your secret. It’s okay. You can tell them. We’re hard at work making more small-batch, five-star pomades to get you through a long day, so there’s enough for everyone. Choose the hold, the shine, and the resistance that’s right for your look and your life or get a bundle so you’ll always have the right tool for the job. Never tried Out of Regz? We’ve got a sample pack that’s perfect for you. And don’t forget to check for seasonal and limited-time releases.

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