Hat & Helmet Hair

Hat & Helmet Hair

Everything you need to know about Hat Hair

What is Hat Hair?

Hat Hair isn’t sexy. We all know that. The real question is not about your looks, but it’s your scalp and hair health. If you google the definition of hat hair, you can find that it is flat, unkept, or disheveled. We all know what it looks like. It is unattractive and not flattering, right? Nowhere in that definition does it say anything about what it does to our scalp health and hair health.


How Bad is Hat Hair?

No, it is not aesthetically pleasing, but is it really that bad? The direct answer from the medical experts is no. Hats are not the sole reason for your hair loss, but they do cause damage over time. The way we wear our hats and the amount we wear them play into this. 


Traction Alopecia

Two words you need to learn are Traction Alopecia. Let’s keep this simple. Your hair is being pulled too tight, and you now suffer from follicle root damage and premature hair loss. It does not happen from wearing a hat one time or even twice. This is the routine friction and traction from hats and helmets. It constantly pulls the hair resulting in long-term damage.


Another hidden reason we need to understand is bacteria. Helmets can turn into a Petri dish for microscopic bacterial and fungal growth. Gross? Yes, but this is entirely preventable and treatable! The buildup of bacteria and fungus can affect both the hair and the scalp. Your scalp accumulates dirt and sweat. This can lead to skin infection and thinning hair. Over time new hair is not even allowed to grow.


Tips & Tricks

We know what the problem is, what it looks like, and what it does to our hair and scalp. Here are some tips to ensure optimal hair health.  

  1. Limit your time with your hat. Even if you have unruly hair, the proper cut and the right products work magic.  
  2. When you wear a helmet, be aware of how you are treating your hair. Avoid pulling and tugging and ensure the fit is right.  
  3. Helmet hygiene is vital. Don’t be disgusting, and wash your gear! Normalize cleaning and disinfecting your helmet.
  4. Scalp and hair care might be the most crucial step. Keeping the hair healthy at the source works miracles.  


The Good News

We got you covered. Our product line is designed to help you care for your hair health and keep you looking confident all day long.  


Always keep your scalp and your hair clean. Dirt and sweat don’t belong on your body, and they definitely don’t belong on your hair. Charcoal 2-in-1 can help both. Activated charcoal gently removes dirt, bacteria, and sweat without damaging the follicle. A clean slate to style is essential.  


Out Of Regz water-based pomades are uniquely formulated and ready to repair follicle damage and help your hair. The right product selection diminishes damage and is proven to increase ego.

What is Pomade?
What is Pomade?
Tanto Gets It.
Tanto Gets It.