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5 Benefits of Bamboo Extract for Hair

5 Benefits of Bamboo Extract for Hair

And Why You Should Be Using It Every Day

Having great hair starts with hair and scalp health. You’re not doing yourself any favors by using products that seem to work but don’t help build that foundation, or worse, have a detrimental effect on hair health. Fortunately, we’ve discovered a way to improve hair and scalp health every day: bamboo extract. By choosing a daily product with bamboo extract, you’ll see real – not superficial – improvements to the way your hair looks, feels, and grows.

It makes your hair cleaner.

Bamboo has natural cleansing properties that help remove buildup like old hair products, excessive oil, dead skin cells on and near the scalp, and environmental toxins that can have a detrimental effect on hair and scalp health. It’s gentle enough that it won’t strip your hair of all its natural oils or leave it dry and brittle, but it will clear away the gunk that inhibits your hair’s growth and luster. Maintain a clean scalp by using a bamboo product regularly.

It makes your hair look and feel fantastic.

When your hair is clean and not oily, it can adopt a dull and frizzy appearance. Bamboo extract improves hair’s moisture retention so it has a healthy, non-greasy shine and resists frizz caused by humidity or dryness. The improved hydration also softens and strengthens your hair, so it feels silky smooth and is less likely to sustain damage to the protective cuticle.

It makes your scalp happy.

Scalp irritation can affect the follicles’ ability to produce strong strands. Bamboo relieves irritation and delivers powerful antioxidant properties that promote scalp and follicle health. The hair’s improved moisture retention is shared by the scalp as well, which again improves its ability to produce healthy hair.

It makes your hair thicker.

One of the most incredible features of bamboo extract is its ability to strengthen hair follicles and actually increase their diameter. By improving circulation and eliminating irritation and buildup, bamboo extract allows each follicle to produce thicker hair. This is especially important to those with fine hair that’s difficult to style.

It makes your hair grow faster.

Bamboo extract has a 70% silica content that is easily absorbed into your hair and skin. Why do you want silica in your hair and skin? Because it’s supposed to be there. Silica is a micronutrient that is naturally present in your hair, skin, and bones and it’s partly responsible for the elasticity and a youthful appearance. Combined with the other benefits of bamboo extract, the infusion of silica to your hair and scalp gives your growth a noticeable boost.

Why use it every day?

When you stop using bamboo products on your hair, it will eventually revert to its normal silica level, which will eliminate the benefits you were getting. By using it every day, you can maintain the length, thickness, and health of your hair. We don’t recommend washing every day, so try getting your daily dose of bamboo extract from your styling products or daily leave-in treatments.

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