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The Benefits of Kaolin For Your Hair

The Benefits of Kaolin For Your Hair


First of all, WTF is kaolin?

Kaolin clay is a compound that was first mined on Kao-Ling, a hill in China, to make ceramics and natural gastrointestinal medicine. The primary mineral in the clay, kaolinite, was named after the location, and kaolin clay was named after the mineral. Simple enough.

While it can be found in pinkish and greenish colors, the preferable and more common color is white. White clay indicates a higher concentration of kaolinite. Other minerals found in kaolin clay include silica, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other things you should be giving your hair if you want it to grow thick, fast, soft, and strong.

Silica good.

Silica is vital to nearly every part of your body, but our silica levels drop as we age. On your scalp, silica neutralizes the acidity that causes damage to your hair and follicles. It also helps deliver nutrients like calcium and magnesium that are vital to thick and healthy hair. It helps deliver these nutrients from both the kaolin clay and the foods you ingest. Silica improves your scalp and hair’s moisture retention ability, which stimulates follicles to grow healthier hair and keeps your hair strong.

Inflammation bad.

Kaolin clay is mild enough to be used every day. It absorbs excess oil without clogging pores or stripping away your hair’s natural moisture, so it won’t cause dryness or breakouts. It has a neutral pH and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The best part is that kaolin reduces inflammation and helps to soothe irritation and conditions that can have a negative effect on hair growth and strength.

Exfoliate your head.

Clay is naturally absorbent, so when you use kaolin every day, it can help remove buildup like dead skin cells, excess oil, environmental toxins, and leftover hair product. Think of it as a natural detox. This process makes it easier to control dandruff and minimize bacteria that can cause skin and follicle infections (folliculitis), which is not what you want if you want your hair to grow.

It’s got all things that are good.

Speaking of wanting your hair to grow, kaolin does that by boosting circulation to make your scalp, follicles, and tresses healthier. Stronger roots mean less breakage and more length. Kaolin improves your hair’s elasticity, which helps it to resist damage under stress and strain. If you have existing damage, using kaolin clay regularly will help repair it. In summary, kaolin clay gives your hair what it needs to be noticeably, gloriously healthy. And majestic. Don’t forget majestic.

Now, how do you get kaolin on your head without adding a whole new step to your hair care routine?

Easy. Choose a pomade that has kaolin already in it. By using kaolin in a product like our signature Operator Pomade that’s designed to last all day, you get faster and more noticeable results than you’d get from kaolin shampoos and conditioners that are meant to be rinsed out. Out of Regz uses kaolin clay as a thickening agent to kill two birds with one stone: perfect the consistency to enable the reliable performance we’re known for and deliver powerful and effective compounds directly to your hair and scalp.

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