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5 Things Your Hair Wants You to Do During Quarantine

5 Things Your Hair Wants You to Do During Quarantine

Because social isolation is no excuse for poor grooming habits.

We’re only three months in, and 2020 has already proven to be one of the most audacious years many of us have experienced thus far. We’ve got a worldwide pandemic that’s keeping everyone locked inside their homes, we’ve got this millennium’s cheapest gas that we can’t use because of said pandemic, and we’ve got a mysterious shortage of toilet paper. The good news is you don’t need to leave your house, drive your car, or wipe your @$$ to follow these five simple demands your hair has during the quarantine.


1. Don’t Wash it Every Day

Washing your hair every day is a general no-no because it tends to dry out your scalp and make your hair more brittle, but some people feel like they have to wash it when they’ve got work or social activities every day. Well, good news friend! Those are problems of the past. This quarantine is the perfect time to take a break from the constant washing so your hair can bounce back.

If you’ve been shampooing every day for a while, it will probably be pretty oily at first. Relax. You’re not going anywhere. Let your scalp find a new balance by washing just two or three times per week. Soon you’ll be able to go days between washes without looking like you dipped your head in corn syrup because your scalp doesn’t need to make so much oil when you’re not stripping it every day.

Your shampoo will last longer. These are crazy times we’re living in. Any minute now, shampoo could go the way of the toilet paper. Stretch those rations while you can.


2. Find the Perfect Pomade

Who has time to test out hair products that could leave you looking fubar? That’s right. You do. Try out different holds and finishes to find something that really works for you. You might think you’re a matte kind of guy until you see yourself in a sexy, natural shine. Been too scared to try some high hold pomade under your hat or helmet? Well, now’s your chance.

Most of us find a product that works well enough and stick to it. It’s reliable. Comforting, even. But imagine having a tool kit of pomades to keep you dapper and happy on any occasion. Now’s the time to experiment with your look and your products. And hey, if it goes badly, no one will ever know.


3. Grow a Majestic Beard

Sad about not being an essential employee? Forget ‘em. You’re about to grow the best beard that ever was. Start by exfoliating that handsome mug and moisturizing with a product made specifically for beards. Good beard products should contain oils that deliver intense, reparative moisture to both the skin and hair without clogging pores. Great beard products will also contain natural anti-inflammatories to soothe irritation and folliculitis. The best beard oil does all of that with a subtle, earthy fragrance.

Continue exfoliating periodically and moisturizing your hair and face as your beard blossoms into its full potential. Use a small pair of scissors – beard scissors, not the ones from the kitchen or your child’s abandoned backpack – to trim the hairs that stick out. Use your beard oil to manage the rest. When the time finally comes to celebrate the end of the plague, you’ll emerge a new man, like a trimmed and well-oiled butterfly.



4. Spoil Your Stache

While you’re oiling up that majestic beard, don’t neglect the ‘stache. Exfoliate and moisturize every part of your face that grows hair and keep the hair in order with a quality product. If you’re growing a beard or already rocking one – You should be. We talked about this. – make sure you’re lined up. One easy way to do this yourself is to turn your head to each side and touch a finger to the top edge of your beard on each side. Then look straight at the mirror with your fingers pointing at your edges and see if your fingers are level.

We’re all about Pushing the Limits, but don’t eat it. Trim the hairs that hang over your lip with the same little scissors we talked about before. Use a beard comb to line everything up and keep a nice and clean line over the lip. The difference a little maintenance makes will amaze you and your mustache will thank you.


5. Keep It Up

Alright, now here’s the part that’s hard to talk about. We’re not going to make it to the barbershop for a while. Some genius made a serious error when creating the list of essential businesses and now we’re stuck without proper care for an indefinite amount of time. The important thing is not to panic.

There are a few steps you can take to stave off your need for a barber, at least for a little while. Trim the hair off your ears and neck either with clippers or the same hair scissors from before. Be careful not to go too short. White walls are not a good look. This first aid treatment can dramatically improve an overgrown ‘do and give you more time before you need a real cut.


You don’t have to stock up…

We’re not going anywhere, but if you’d like to try out these five steps to keep your hair happy during quarantine, we’ve got the tools you need. Check out our unbeatable beard oil and legendary pomades. Shop the bundle sale and get all three for $19.99. Click Here.

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