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Why Bamboo Extract?

Why Bamboo Extract?

Bamboo extract has many valuable benefits that makes hair thicker, longer, and stronger, which are only a few of the reasons Out of Regz uses this beneficial and natural ingredient. Bamboo contains silica, which not only encourages major hair growth, but also strengthens hair and revives elasticity. Most of our bodies have a shortage of silica and since bamboo extract has around 70 percent of silica present, it does wonders for our hair. Silica in the bamboo promotes growth that in turn lessens hair loss and hair thinning.


Another considerable benefit of using bamboo extract in our hair products is moisture. Without moisture, hair can become frail and break and be damaged very easily. Bamboo extract gives hair extended moisture that softens and reduces frizz. Since bamboo is natural, it contains no harsh chemicals and is perfectly safe for customers with sensitive skin.


Lastly, everyone wants a little volume in their hair. This is exactly what bamboo does! Giving your hair more dimension and fullness, Out of Regz products will have your hair looking luscious and voluptuous, ready for any and every occasion.

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