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Introducing Femme Fatale Pomade

Introducing Femme Fatale Pomade

At Out of Regz, we’re no strangers to women who Push the Limits just as hard as the guys, if not harder. But so far, pomades that get the job done have been primarily aimed at the men. Considering we all know who dominates the great hair market, we thought it was time to change that. We’ve been hard at work creating a pomade that’s specifically designed for the challenges we women face with our hair while maintaining the high standards we have for our haircare line.

Out of Regz Pomades have what it takes to perform under demanding conditions, just like the servicemen and servicewomen, athletes, public servants, and other professionals and hobbyists who use them. Whether it’s for work or for fun, you deserve a product that’s as tough as you are. Now both men and women can go hard at work and in their downtime without sacrificing style.

Just like the rest of the line, our newest addition is designed to withstand hats, helmets, and humidity. Get a medium hold that feels good and looks great all day, no matter how demanding the day is. Forget hair products that only cater to dainty occupations, air conditioning, and tea parties. Be a boss. Look like a boss. Push the Limits.


Femme Fatale Pomade is similar to our Operator Pomade, but with a couple of tweaks to the formula that make it even more nourishing, even easier to control, and perfect for taming the flyaways that can make a great hairstyle look messy. We’re proud to introduce this newly developed recipe, which will be available as of March 1, 2020.

Like the other pomades in our haircare line, Femme Fatale is water-based, so it’s easy to apply and work with. We added jojoba oil to increase malleability even more and to deliver power-packed vitamins and minerals that work to help prevent hair loss.

Kaolin helps repair damage, encourage growth, eliminate dandruff, and stimulate circulation. Grapeseed oil moisturizes the hair while soothing frizz and reducing inflammation. Our signature beeswax and bamboo extract combo help hair grow longer and thicker while holding your style all day, even through long hours of hard work and intense activity.

Perfect for military and athletic hairstyles, Femme Fatale offers a natural matte finish when applied to dry hair and a healthy, non-oily shine when applied to damp hair. Increased flexibility allows your hair to move without abandoning its post altogether, even when you sweat (and the pleasant smell doesn’t hurt either).

Try Femme Fatale yourself to feel the difference quality ingredients and dedication to performance can make or get some for the hard-working women in your life. Available in 4oz, this one-of-a-kind formula is designed to help you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside when you’re doing what you love.

Looking for a stronger hold or a different resistance level? Every Out of Regz Pomade is made in small batches from only the best ingredients, and they all work for both men and women who need a product they can rely on. Check out the collection to find your new favorite haircare product or grab a sample pack and try them all. And stay tuned for seasonal and limited-time releases!

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