Donut Operator

Beard & Mustache Cream and Oil

Straight from Donut himself is the new Donut Operator Mustache & Beard cream. With a dangerously good scent, it's guaranteed to satisfy those staches and better the beards.

The Best of Both Worlds

Few beard creams on the market offer both conditioning properties and a good hold— we made it happen. We infused it with bamboo extract and avocado, grapeseed & jojoba oil which thickens and softens the hair while increasing growth, moisture retention, and protection—making the cream healthy and effective. This isn’t your typical beard cream. It’s better.


Normal beard balms are hard to apply and difficult to manipulate. This cream will make styling a lot easier. It's easy to apply and spread evenly with a moveable hold, giving you a clean feel and finish. Keep those stubborn flyaways down, or style a badass handlebar mustache. This beard cream will do it all.


It conditions my beard. Makes it soft, smooth and lays down any fly aways. It smells amazing. I would definately recommend this to anyone looking for a great beard/mustache product.

Shane O.

I have a very unruly beard and donut operator really helped to tame it. Keeps it all in check, smells great and makes my beard nice and soft.

Donald C.

Great product! It is just the right amount of hold for my beard. Smell is good but subtle to me. However my wife loved it so much she got pregnant!

Logan H.

Smells amazing and makes beard and mustache super soft, even with corse hair!

Alexis L.