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The Operator Paste Pomade

The NEW Operator Paste is the latest addition to our line-up. We took a page from our best-selling pomade and created a new formula that'll endure and hold yet keep you looking product free. 

It's extremely lightweight, leaving you with a head of hair that looks effortlessly natural. The paste allows for simple restyling throughout the day. You'll be able to run your hands through your hair without the fear of messing up your locks and having to add additional product.

The added ingredient of Kaolin prevents your hair from looking oily and dirty, ensuring a fresh and clean appearance. It delivers essential nutrients that are vital to maintaining healthy, thick hair. It stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, and helps control dandruff and bacteria buildup. Your hair will noticeably improve. 

We've made the paste a matte finish to stick with a more natural look instead of having a shine to it. Like the original Operator, the hold will last and boasts a high resistance to heat, humidity, and sweat. The Operator Paste features a new brand scent of Night Ops, featuring subtle notes of amber and rustic cedar with a woody musk finish. The product will speak for itself once you give it a shot. 

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