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The Smooth Operator Pomade

Ah, summertime. We can't control the heat and humidity, but you can control the hair. Smooth Operator is here to help. Formulated specifically for the hot summer months to give you more control and more confidence. We switched things up and made the pomade lighter with a stronger hold. It's infused with highly beneficial, hydrating components rich in nourishing and moisturizing vitamins, making it more resilient to heat and humidity. New ingredients such as Jojoba Oil make the pomade healthier for your hair and scalp while lowering the shine to improve the matte finish. Aloe Vera, Goji Berry Extract, Bamboo Extract, Artichoke Extract, Kaolin, and Avocado Oil play a key role in strengthening your hair, making it thicker, controlling breakage, and encouraging growth. It protects your hair from sun damage and drying out due to heat while preventing it from falling flat. Smooth Operator is our limited edition summer series for a reason. Get it while it's hot before it's gone. 


Scent Profile: 

Fresh, vibrant citrus notes of zesty orange blended with subtle tones of rich amber and rustic cedar with a woody musk finish. 

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