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The Out of Regz Master Barbers

The Out of Regz Master Barbers

Creating a successful line of men’s hair care products is impossible without input from the pros. Caitlin and Emily are two skilled master barbers who use Out of Regz pomades regularly in their work. By partnering with their shop, 1776 Men’s Grooming Salon, we’re able to utilize their feedback while they utilize our product, and the customer gets the best cut and the best pomade for his money. Everybody wins.


1776 Men’s Grooming Salon

Groomed for Freedom

1776 Men’s Grooming Salon is a barbershop in Memphis, Tennessee with another location in Collierville, where you can find Caitlin and Emily slinging dapper cuts to the Tennessee community at large. As the first barbershop to offer Out of Regz Pomades to its clientele, 1776 has provided invaluable professional and customer feedback that has helped us become what we are today. What we love about 1776 is that, on top of beautifying the male population of Tennessee, they’re big on supporting organizations that help veterans assimilate after service, a mission that is close to our hearts as well.



Caitlin is a master barber with eight years of experience. She helped open 1776 and is an Out of Regz partner. Caitlin’s favorite pomade from Out of Regz is Red, White, and Blue. She says it’s her favorite because of its great smell and because it’s so easy for clients to use themselves. For some of the guys, when it comes to styling their own hair, “The easier, the better.” Too right, Caitlin. Too right.



Emily is another master barber with eight years of experience, but she joined 1776 Men’s Grooming Salon four years ago. She prefers to use Out of Regz’ Operator Pomade because of its handsome matte finish and its ease of use, a feature we strive for in every Out of Regz Pomade. And, of course, the nourishing benefits of our select ingredients are always recommended for clients who want to keep their hair strong and healthy.


Memphis’ Finest Barbershop

1776 Men’s Grooming Salon

If you’re in and around the Memphis and Collierville, Tennessee areas and you’re looking for a tailored haircut, an old-fashioned straight razor shave with hot towels, a beard trim, or a boy’s cut, 1776 Men’s Grooming Salon is where you want to be. Of course, if you don’t want the best cut with hot towel and shampoo service included or if you don’t want to support veterans, you can always take your business elsewhere, but that other place isn’t going to have Out of Regz M1, Red White and Blue, or Operator Pomade. It’s also not going to have master barbers Caitlin and Emily dishing out their professional skills and services in a classic, comfortable atmosphere.

Needless to say, we’re proud of our affiliation with Caitlin, Emily, and 1776 Men’s Grooming Salon; partly because it’s a combination of reputable skill and high-quality product, but mostly because it’s the union of two entities in full support of the veterans who give their best to this country. Give your support and walk away looking your best when you visit our master barbers at 1776.

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