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The No-Shave November Challenge

The No-Shave November Challenge

The end of October means the beginning of No-Shave November. For 30 days, we put down the razors, take a step back from shaving or cutting the staches and beards and let mother nature happen—all to raise awareness for men's health. Participants of No-Shave November donate the money they would have used for their clean shave or hair cut to cancer research and prevention. It's a way to bring attention to an important cause and address a topic men tend to avoid. The rules to No-Shave November are simple. Start the month out with a clean shave, and then avoid shaving, cutting, or trimming for 30 days. It's only fair for everyone to begin the growing journey with a fresh face. Then, go for an epic stache, beard, or both. 

To keep your stache and beard easy to maintain and style this No-Shave November, we're rolling out the Donut Operator Mustache and Beard Cream— brought to you by Donut Operator himself. Influencer, Navy Veteran, former Police Officer, and SWAT member. He's no stranger to the staches and beards. This cream is going to make styling a whole lot easier. It has a medium, moveable hold with a clean feel and look. Easy to apply, spread and work through, unlike sticky beard waxes. Features a classic, masculine scent— subtle notes of amber and rustic cedar with a woody musk finish. We infused bamboo extract and avocado, grapeseed & jojoba oils which thickens and softens the hair while increasing growth, moisture retention, and protection. This cream won't leave your staches or beards disappointed.

The growing season opens up a whole new world for some competition. No-Shave November contests kick-off, and people put their staches and beards to the test. Businesses and companies launch their own in-house challenge or open it up to their supporters. This year, Out of Regz is launching a No-Shave November contest for the best stache and/or beard to win more than $800 worth of prizes. This is something to get excited about. To enter, submit a photo of your badass stache or beard on our Instagram page (@outofregzpomade) at the end of November. Supporters will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entry, and they will decide the winner. Get to growing, and let's see you push the stache and beard limits! 

Giveaway Prizes Include:

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