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Smooth Operator

Gear up this summer with the Smooth Operator.  It's summertime which means heat, humidity, and sweat- a lot of sweat....

To the Dads & Step Dads: Stay Awesome

A day to celebrate the Father’s in our lives, to remember the challenges Dads around the world face, and to show them how important they are to us. It is no easy feat being a Dad. Each day, Dads wear many different hats: breadwinner, handyman, bug killer, disciplinarian, comedian, sideline coach, cook, lawn guy, car fixer, protector, and of course… the fun parent. Father’s Day is the day to show your Dad he is appreciated for all the roles he plays in your life.While the day might be labeled Father’s Day, let’s not forget about all the Step Dads out there!

The Out of Regz Master Barbers

Creating a successful line of men’s hair care products is impossible without input from the pros. Caitlin and Emily a...

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