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EOD WARRIOR SPOTLIGHT: Staff Sergeant Kevin and Toni Brown.

Kevin enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1996, serving two years in Infantry and six years as EOD with deployments to Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. He retired in 2004 and joined the private sector as a contractor. For the past 17 years, he's been educating others on the disarming of bombs. 

Kevin suffered a TBI on October 3, 2022, which left him blind, unable to walk, and lost some of his memory. He's gone through extensive rehabilitation and is on his way to recovery. 

The first ones by his and his wife Toni's side were the EOD community. In a meaningful way and at a crucial time, Kevin's EOD colleagues, teammates, and the EOD Warrior Foundation showed up. When they say EOD family is for life, they mean it. 

Read Kevin and Toni's story in our blog. 

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